Our team,

SMC has over 40 staff on full time and contract basis. Most staff work across multiple events, sharing knowledge & expertise in different fields.

Our message,

SMC Events was founded on the principals of fairness, culture and most importantly, loving what we do.
We will always put people before profits and therefore the culture of our organisation is second to none.
We pride ourself in our easy to work with manner and the strong relationships we fostered throughout the last 23 years in business. Testament to this is our portfolio of events, many of which

are the largest and most successful in New Zealand. We would love to talk to you about our current events or a new event that you might be looking at. Drop us a line below.

Team structure

Event Director – Craig Seuseu (Craig@smcevents.co.nz)

Sponsorship Manager – Simon Keely (Simon@smcevents.co.nz)

Sponsor Activation Manager – Tarryn Garton (Tarryn@smcevents.co.nz)

Course & Customer Services – Kelsey Ryan (kelsey@smcevents.co.nz) 

Operations Manager – Stefanie Ryan (Stef@smcevents.co.nz)

Schools Experience Manager – Trent Webby (trent@smc.co.nz)

Schools Liaison – Sophia Summerton (sophia@smcevents.co.nz)

Volunteer Manager – Julia Tilley (julia@smcevents.co.nz)

Event Director – Seiuli Terri Leo-Mauu (Director@abspolyfest.co.nz)

Sponsorship Manager – Simon Keely (Simon@smcevents.co.nz)

Media Manager – Dean Wilson (Media@asbpolyfest.co.nz) 

Event Director – Dean Wilson (Dean@bigboystoys.co.nz)

Sponsorship Manager – Simon Keely (Simon@smcevents.co.nz)

Operations Manager – Luke Bowater  (luke@smcevents.co.nz)

Marketing and Sales –  Luke Bowater (luke@bigboystoys.co.nz)

General Manager – Lauren Watson (Lauren@smcevents.co.nz)

Race Director – TBC

Marketing and Sponsor Manager – Anna Wishart (Anna@smcevents.co.nz)

Accounts Manager – Fiona Cull (Accounts@smcevents.co.nz)

Event Director – Lauren Watson (Lauren@smcevents.co.nz)

Course and Operations Manager – Dave Mee (davemee@smcevents.co.nz)

Sponsorship and Marketing Manager – Anna Wishart (Anna@smcevents.co.nz)

Key clients